Life in a Lifeclass

Today I got naked, again, for a class at Leicester College…………….as usual this group was disturbed by the behaviour of a couple of their number……… in particular was aggressively rude to the tutor who, after thinking about it for a minute, decided to call in the department head. I was also asked for my twopenneth, which is unusual. After that all was quiet and they concentrated on their work for once………………but then, when I looked at what they had done…………..there was I naked as the day  i was born and half the class had only done a portrait !!! haha, oh well, same money….

There are changes happening at Leicester College, at least in the art side…they want to be rid of half the staff so they are all having to reapply for their own jobs………..this is disgusting and the current head of Foundation has , so gossip says, decided to say fuck ’em. He doesnt see why he should apply for the job he has been doing so succesfully for many years, plus he has a Phd……… 62 he doesnt see why he s hould humiliate himself so he is walking out and taking his pension. Cant say I blame him. He gave me my first ever job as a lifemodel and encouraged me in my own art and my own degree. Its all a terrible shame. Lets hope the managers then have to apply for their own jobs too…………..dont hold your breath though, they never sack themselves do they? I just dont see how half the staff force can possible teach the same or more amount of students. But what do I know?


I have printed off one copy of the unofficial catalogue for my solo show, the gallery may produce something quite diferent, but I wanted to show these students what Im getting up to in my own studio, maybe it will help in their motivation.


I listened to TalkSport today and a similar thing was being spoken of but with regard to football………..the guy, an ex footballer of some repute, was blaming the FA, the modern age or twitter and computer games, for the lack of British footballing talent. He pointed out that these days young people expect to have the glitter and the fame and success without putting in the effort first and continuously……..David Beckham, for instance, wasnt a great freekick taker by accident, it was because he worked on his technique after training had finished……… Ronaldo didnt become the worlds best footballer by accident it was because he stays after training to improve his technique………..youngsters now, it seems, dont understand that. If its true, and I see evidence of it, then I dont know whose fault it is or how to improve the situation.


oh dear, Im finishing on a negative note there and I hate to be negative, so, being positive, Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes.



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