Yesterday we, me, wife and second son, marched down to The LIme Kilns pub, next to the canal, and sampled the landlords most delicious real ale, and cheddar valley cider and, of course, the younger generation had to have lager (cos its fizzy and one step removed from lemonade).  Is this a case of dumbing down? I mean, education , they say, has been dumbed down so that more youngsters get bits of paper……………language has definitely been dumbed down in favour of text speak and symbols in place of words, just look at public toilet doors! If only actual verbal language could be dumbed down, distilled, reduced to bite sized pieces that are more understandable than i find them presently. I never get women, for instance, who seem to be saying one thing but not saying another, and, “if you dont know I cant tell you , bah bah “……..but it goes further than that. The nuances of language pass me by unless Im told what it is. Have you seen Mrs Browns Boys on tv? whenever she says “thats nice”, she is actually saying “fuck off”………unless she had told us we would never have known, no matter how sarcy the voice and suggestive the eyes.  However, I think Im quite good at reading body language and, I discovered many years ago, the more I let a person speak the more they want to tell me……….I should have been a detective, hehehe, Trouble is, I often see what I want to see in my desperation to have friends……well, I used to be like that………..but when I made the decision that friends are like water, they run off like water on a ducks back (ok, I know thats an awful analogy………is that the right word?) I became a bit more content with the one (yes, one) that I have, two if you count the other half of my sky) and stopped working to get more of them, friends, that is. 

So there you have it, the title, DUMB FRIENDS, hehehe, 


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