Scratch That.

Well, waddyaknow? I seem to be the first guest blogger on LIZARDYOGA blogsite…………how cool is that? Wish I had written it better now. Its an idea I had for a novel, but dont know if I have the patience to do it justice………..scratch that………..I KNOW I dont have the patience…..unless I make each chapter a short story………maybe…….


So anyway, …………… Ive not written on here for a couple of days and I actually missed it, so perhaps I will now try to write something each day…….no, scratch that…..I WILL try to write each day

My paintings for the solo show are now at a point where they wont be improved. Its just the edges that concern me. They look so unprofessional, untidy.  They really need a float frame, but it would cost me a fortune to frame all 15 of them, so Ive decided to frame a painting as soon as I know Ive completed it so it happens as I go along and therefore dont notice the cost so much.  And that way (should you start a sentence with the word “and”?) the exhibition is always completely ready. Holy Fine Art, Batman !!! thats a greeeaaatte idea !!  Lets hope the gallery is not displeased and sell a few and invite me back, although they have had one of my self-portraits for a long while now and I havent been informed of it being sold, so, maybe this market is not my market.

Time will tell.

So, Thursday, I shall wrap the works, and Friday afternoon we shall drive     them up to Beverley, in Yorkshire, find a B&B and stay overnight, thus making a bit of a weekend away. Its not far from the coast and its time I felt the seabreeze, and the other half of my sky needs a new sight to alleviate the stress of boredom.

HMMM, well, this has been a little boring really………how on earth can I spice up future blogs?

Should I mention The Herbalist?  Next time dudes


Isi Tart.



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