Self Serving Criminal

 I was going to write about something I thought about earlier today, but now Ive forgotten what it was, and I think I should write about this other thing which is definitely on my mind.


I used to be politically active. I wont say for whom but I did meet David Steel once in somebodies house. Anyway, I discovered something undemocratic and left. Then gradually, I lost interest completely as I realised they were all the same. All self-serving criminals, so I stopped voting. 

Then today happened.

And I really thought I should be voting , but where should I put my cross? Ive had two leaflets through my door. One for the Tories, and one for UKIP. Nothing from anybody else. Around the town there is only one poster on display promoting any particular party, and thats for UKIP. Nothing from anybody else.  Around the media, and by that I mean social media sites as I dont buy newspapers as they are just full of inuendo and adverts, what is most paramount? Not promoting any particular party much, but definitely promoting NOT voting for UKIP…………it seems the party of prominence is UKIP……………so ……………I find myself agreeing with their core argument which is disconcerting as I think its better to be part of Europe. But some of the arguments in favour of Europe are flawed. The biggest being the free movement of citizens across borders………….in the past , pre EEC (which is what we joined, by the way, not the EU)  I needed a passport to travel across borders, but now, thanks to the liberalisation of the EU countries , I ……..oh wait…………..I STILL need to show my passport… change their then.

But, well, I cant bring myself to vote Labour, and definitely not Tory, and the Libdems no longer exist as far Im concerned, and who are the “others”? I cant vote UKIP, so………………..I decided not to bother travelling up the road to the polling station. What would be the point? Voting for the sake of it is surely worse than not voting. Nobody is saying what I want to hear, nobody is sincere, they are all self serving criminals.

Maybe next time I will stand for election. Get me some of that gravy train. I might be quite good at it, you never know.


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