Thats the title of my solo show being held at Creation Fine Art Gallery, 7-9 North Bar Within, Beverley, Yorkshire (opposite Barclays Bank) from May 28 to June 29. I was so concerned about the work looking as professional as possible that I ran myself ragged trying to tidy up the edges. Then I looked at the work thats in the gallery already and, well, why did I worry? Except to say that I would not buy most of the work on display as its so amateur looking. One canvas is so warped it refuses to sit against the wall properly. Im surprised that Nigel hanged it really, but he is such a nice man I dont suppose he could bring himself to leave it out.

We stayed the night in Hull, yes Ive already had the conversation (with the genius herbalist) as to why is it called Hull when its actually called Kingston upon Hull, Hull being the small river it sits alongside (although it also sits alongside the Humber which is huge and makes one wonder  why they didnt adopt the name Kingston upon Humber). Paid £37 for the room, plus 5 each for breakfast. A bargain. Today they advertised £59 per night ! IBIS hotel, its clean, and tidy, and close to what matters, overlooking the harbour. However, I wouldnt go there for a holiday, and, in fact I wouldnt really go to Hull for art either. Its meant to be the City of Culture this year (isnt it?) but we failed to find much of that.

Did find a gallery………….small………….but there was an original Ewan Uglo (was very dissapointed), most of the works there dissapointed me, but there is an Stanley Spencer orginal which was as good as I thought it would be. Then across the road at the Maritime Museum……..lost of interesting seafaring stuff, lots of models, etc. , and a Beryl Cook exhibition…………….soooooo dissapointed with that. In the books they look good but in the flesh, just like the Uglo, so not that good after all. 

However, the good to come out of that is that I realised my work, especially the latest batch of works, are actually VERY GOOD compared to them.

So in the  weekend began positively, trickled through a little negative stream, and then back into the positive rapids………….even being rear end shunted on the motorway coming home hasnt dented my positivity……………now thats either the stuff in the magic shampoo or Im just mellowing with age…………..I prefer the former as it also cleans my hair, lol.

So, the Truth is, Im having a solo exhibition, the Myth is that a lot of past icons are brilliant artists.


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