What a week its been, to nick the opening lines of Chattyman on the tellybox.  First we had pundits telling us that UKIP were not a worry, then they said the polls suggested UKIP might do a little better than expected, then they told us that UKIP had wiped out the LIBDEMS in the EU elections ! they were all amazed by the result, but I for one was not. All the signs were there………….none of the other parties really took it seriously despite them saying they do. If they put as much effort in as they do for general and council elections who knows? We had two leaflets, one from LIBDEMS telling us about the hardest working MEP, who happens to be LIBDEM, but is completely unknown to his constituents (me) and one from UKIP saying what they have become famed for saying…………….i.e.  putting into words what a lot of people think but are afraid to mouth. They may not be right, but they know what so many are thinking. And NONE of the parties told us anything positive about the EU and why we should vote for their candidates, they just constantly attacked and ridiculed UKIP, but really, I believe thats the UKIP  tactic, make them laugh, appear as the jester, the fool, but secretly and quietly make inroads into the minds of the average voter, and there are far more average voters than there are academics.  And what happened after all this? Yep, the pundits and the professional politicians started saying this wouldnt happen next year in the general election………..just what they said a week ago………….but I garauntee it WILL. Im going to put money on at the bookies for UKIP to be the third party in parliament next year, wiping away the LIBDEMS completely, and becoming the balance of power in a hung parliament. The tories will immediately go into a coalition with them as they are perhaps on the far right of the tory party anyway. I should be quids in !  this has echoes of Germany pre wwll…………


On another topic, Ive done two 16K cycle rides in the last two days, the first I found some allotments in Nuneaton, the second i returned to the allotments to meet up with a uni cohort who has a plot down there. However, no show. Never mind. It reminded me a little of the elections…………set off in good hope, a no show, and then got soaked !!! haha. Still, aching nicely.

oh, and before I forget, my solo show is now represented on my website. Go to steve-b-robinson.co.uk and then click on TRUTH & OTHER MYTHS, to see the 15 paintings. or better yet, get on up to Beverley , a lovely little town in Yorkshire, find CREATION FINE ART GALLERY (opposite Barclays Bank) and go buy one of them !!!

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes


Isi Tart


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