Emperor Rosco, Kenny Everit and Benidorm

……………..so, this blog started as a comment on Lizardyoga Peoples blog………….continuing…………oh, right, I should start again really shouldn’t I?

Here goes….

Last year we went to Benidorm. I thought I would hate it as I had this image of Blackpool in the sun, but actually, I really enjoyed my time there.  OK there are places that are less than silubrious, but mostly its fine. Sitting around the pool most of the day enjoying the sun and the book and the Spanish having exercise class (so funny). The hotel was in the centre but close to the old town, where the Spanish congregate and in fact the hotel was mostly full of Spanish, which I actually prefer (avoid British dickheads at all times……….sorry about the language) which meant Spanish entertainment in the evening. Now that had to be seen to be believed………..the worst magician in the history of illusionist’s, most nights there was an ok singer, and every night there was live organist for the old Spanish to dance to. They love their ballroom dancing, dont know what the dance was, certainly wasnt a waltz. I loved watching them. Wanted to join in but couldnt. Our balcony overlooked the hotel and pool where they film the comedy show, BENIDORM, and lets not forget the BENIDORM PALACE ! wow, what a great show that was, dancing , music, singing, juggling, lasers, waiters bringing drinks to the table, and lastly, ……………..wait for it…………………….the gorgeous topless dancers who completed the show !  !

Sorry, that might offend some of  you, but really, they were gorgeous and all done in the best possible taste ! as Kenny Everit used to say.

Remember him? a great dj back in the day. I loved saturdays in those days, Kenny Everit on radio one and Emperor Rosco too……..great days. He got sacked from his radio show at the BBC because he said that the Minister for Transports wife only passed her driving test because her husband was the Minister of Transport. How things have changed. But who can remember who that Minister for Transport was? nah, just a nobody, unlike Kenny Everit, who was a bit of a genius…………….well, he clearly wasnt and that word gets bandied about far too much.

I wonder what happened to Emperor Rosco? I believe he was American or Canadian.

So today was the first day of my solo exhibition in Yorkshire. Its like leaving your children with a stranger. You cant stop wondering whats happening with them.

I wonder what all this writing is leading to?

I wonder why I wonder?

I was going to write about something else, but got distracted by Lizardyoga’s blog and now Ive forgotten what it was. I guess it wasnt very important.

A bit like going to Benidorm for a holiday, nothing to write home about.


Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes


Isi TartImage


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