TEDIUM and CHLOE’S TEA PARTY and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Today I mostly did this………….picked up mum (not literally, naturally,although I could if I wanted) and took her to hairdresser, left her there while I went to put fuel in car. Discovered road blocked with 5 police cars (it must get a little boring for them in Hinckley, poor things), an ambulance parked across the road, and somewhere there was the air ambulance as I had previously observed it circling quite low as if looking for a landing spot. Then put 20 quid in the car, (not actual money , of course, the equivalent in fuel ) before returning to hairdresser where I read a book, well, a couple of pages at least. From there to pick up wifey so she could wander around Morrisons with Mum rather than me because, apparently, Im too fast at shopping ( I call it being efficient, or even, being a bloke ). Having done that, taken Mum home, we then set out for Mum-in-law as she has had a new bath gadget fitted and wifey had to be there for when the girl came to show them how to make it work, i.e. press “down” for going down, and press “up” for going up. (god give me strength).  Sister-in-law, named Linda, but who isn’t really, bless her , took one look at my leggings and shorts (at the behest of wifey) , screwed up her non-linda face and said “to each their own”. Judgemental is not the word for her………..well, actually, yes it probably is.  Going over there I became aware of the noise getting worse and the power getting less. When I checked, yes, as I thought, the exhaust is dropping off. Last year I replaced the back end of the pipes, but now its the front end, which of course will be the most expensive end as thats the story of my life. Oh well. 

So, have I bored you yet? well, thats my life, our lives, normal really isnt it……….boring.

On a brighter side though, so many people are liking the images Ive put up of my solo show at Creation Fine Art gallery in Beverley, Yorkshire (you cant mention it too often) so lets hope this liking translates into sales.


Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes


Isi Tart

p.s. Linda? refer to your Spanish class



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