Positive Outcomes

Again, I had a blog in mind, but it seems to have found the hole in my head and slipped through…………….again.

So, moving on then, the SuperHerbalist had a meeting this morning which was very important and it seems to have gone in the desired direction, so thats really good. Its good to hear of positive outcomes. In my own case, I just wanted to see if herbs could regrow my hair but discovered a pleasant side effect. One of clarity, and calmness, and tranquility and of catching myself grinning like a cheshire cat for absolutely no reason and feeling good about it, and not to forget that I had never felt so young in my life.  Plus my some of my hair did regrow.

Thats more than a positive outcome.

However, now on second batch of magic shampoo, which is diferent colour, diferent texture, smell, foam and, it seems, diferent way of making me feel within. I have noticed that the old aggresive, blunt, rude, sarcastic, angry, man has returned to this vessel and I hate it.  I want more of the old stuff .

This makes me wonder if Im some sort of junkie, an addict. Has there ever been an addiction for whatever ingredients are in this magic shampoo? Am I the first? That would be kinda cool, but seriously………….Ive been informed that more shampoo is being made and that it will contain some of that feel good factor.

So thats a positive outcome.

Liz of Lizardyoga blogs has had funding confirmed for a poetry workshop later in the year.

So thats a positive outcome.

And, Im getting to grips with the tablet the other half of my sky presented to me on my birthday.

So thats a positive outcome.

Its all good then .  Well, it usually is really, but some of us (me in the past) just focus on the negative outcomes. But if we count them, ALL of them, we will find that the positives far outweigh the negative, and thats all we should be seeking in life; a positive outcome.


Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoe

Isi Tart


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