Wifey, buttons, and leggings

Havent been here for a little while now, since Im mostly using my tablet these days and, for some reason, I cant get onto my wordpress blog from there . I have to use wifes laptop for this.  I use my wife for a number of things………….cooking……….shopping………telephoning………..generally communicating with the outside world………..buying me socks and pants………..and most other clothes actually, including the leggings I now wear, which are light support and do actually help with the water retention in one of my legs. Also, they feel nice and look great. There , Ive said it. Ive said lots of things in the past and wil probably say things in the future too, but presently I am mostly saying things to Scottish Power, but thats another story, where Im poised to contact the energy ombudsman. Finger hovering over the button. How can some people be horrified by buttons? They are though, arent they? very strange, and why do girls have buttons on the opposite side that boys do? I have this theory its because men would be able to unbutton a womans clothing more easily than if she had her buttons on the same side as men……..I have no evidence for this,  but its my theory. It seems that men and women have to have diferent clothes, even though there is no scientific reason for this, just more theories. Really, the worst clothing a man can wear is trousers as the temperature of the testicles gets too warm for making good healthy sperm. They dangle outside of the body in order to get cooling air. Trapping them inside bifurbicated (or is that bifurcated?) garments is tantamount to contraception ! (which may not be a bad thing actually, lol).  No, kilts, or skirts by any other names, should be worn by men. Much more comfortable and stylish too. My biggest problem with trousers is that, unless I fork out more money than i can afford, my bum doesnt fill the seat of the trouser. Leggings, on the other hand, ALWAYS fit me snugly, so I look better in them and they do me good. Its a win win situation. Now, how do I get my wife to buy me skirts?


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