sun, sew, skirt and beer

Today, was a wonderful day, as you will know from my facebook page, should you be a friend of it but it didnt say about the studio thing. OK, its not a big deal, I just cycled over the bridge to my little unit with the idea of sewing  the S onto the bust of my self made Supergirl costume. However, me being me, I just had to fiddle, and wondered if I should use my logo rather than the normal S. so I spent over an hour drawing and cutting out my “tag” . It turned into a stencil, so I spraypainted onto a new red background. It was a mess, so I removed the inners of the stencil to leave me with the positive and sprayed that gold.  It was a mess. All the time the original S on a red background was staring at me and the blue leotard draped over the swivel chair that features in two of my paintings; Angel 13 and Angel 14. Then another thought occured as I looked more closely at the leotard……… is gathered around the neckline (I think thats what they call it…….something to do with the stretch needed, I think) so if I stitch this paper covered in pva logo onto the leotard, will it prevent the stretching and rip the paper? Will I even be able to put it on? Well I guess its just try it and see time………….so Im still not complete in the costume department……….and its not like I can sew really. But I did watch the Great British Sewing Bee and got really into the creativity involved. I would love to have a go on a course, but Im sure I would stand out like a sore thumb………….just like I probably did last week when I went to adult ed to work dressed in a red skirt, and just like I would have done today in the studio wearing a black skirt…………..strange thing is, it doesnt make me feel feminine, quite the reverse. Now I know I keep mentioning this stupendous shampoo but the way it made me feel at first (the blue stuff) I felt sure that wearing a skirt would make me feel feminine…………although, what does feminine feel like? Also , the skirt does something with the air, somehow. It seems to hold cooler air up there, where it matters. This is why skirts are much healthier for men than shorts or trousers. So, what Im saying is………….erm………….well, that I dont know what I dont know, but I do sometimes discover new knowings in the course of something else. In other words…….erm…….I dont know, Ive had two pints of beer and an Amoretto this afternoon, now that I DO know !!!! mmmm nice…….hic ! Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes. Isi Tart


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