Today was a scorcher, especially in my taxi, under all that glass. I finished early to enjoy the weather rather than endure it and so went on a little cycle ride that got larger as I pedalled……….oh, look at that, its gone into italics without me telling it to, what have I touched on the laptop to do that? oh well, continuing……………and I wound up at my little studio puffing and sweaty.. So with no doubts in mind I put on the skirt, took off the shirt and mopped myself down with a towel I keep in there, and then set off for a short walk to check out my pigeon-hole. Nothing there. And nobody in the studio to see me in my black skirt, although it is all on cctv ! Anyway, I fiddled some more with the logo and then started to sew it on to the bodice of the leotard. Well, that didnt go well, and so I had to resort to pva glue. It worked ! much to my surprise. I now have a heavy weight on it to keep it flat on the fabric. It only has to last half a day, just long enough to get half price accountants fees, frighten my friends husband and make my friend laugh, take a couple of pics for my adoring fans on facebook, and then go shopping for criminals to conquer and before you know it Ive done what I do on the cycle rides………………take it too far! hahaha. Now , what colour eyeshadow and lipstick would Supergirl wear, I wonder? ……………………

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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