Itch, Pics, Legs and Ovo

I cant slep. My ankles are itching like crazy. Its a constant problem. This dog of ours seems to harbour more little creepy crawly man biters than any dog weve ever had. Never had this problem with the two previous dogs. Not sure why this happens. Constantly vaccuuming the house, giving the dog tablets (which are great, the little bastards drive the dog crazy and then drop dead. Takes about an hour.) I hate killing things but these little devils drive me insane. Funny thing is they dont attack the other half of my sky at all!!!!!! I must be tasty. Its now 5.15 a.m., Ive uploaded a whole album of grandaughter pics to my other, non art, facebook page so that AVA’s dad, my number 2 son, Samuel, can see them and maybe move them onto his own page if he wants. So at least this time hasnt been spent wastefully. But now I wonder if I can stay awake long enough to make a safe living in the cab today. Im also wondering if I can ever make any money from my art. Maybe the work I make just isnt what people want on their walls. Maybe I should go down the abstract route. Im wondering if the only way I will make money from art is by modeling for other people. But that cant go on forever, Im not getting any younger, even if I am feeling younger and getting fitter. My right leg, despite the exercise and the support leggings , continues to be larger, via water retention, than the left leg. Being still does it no good at all. I shouldnt even sit the way one has to drive, so it seems that I do the things I shouldnt just to pay the bills. Life, whats it all about?

Talking of paying bills, had a look at my personal page on the OVO energy website. Now thats how all energy companies should work. I can see at a glance how much energy Ive used, how much I was charged last month for the actual energy usage and therefore how much my account is in credit (pay monthly direct debit) and opt to leave it there in case I go over the agreed amount in a cold spell, or withdraw the money, and they pay 3% interest on the money you have in credit! Its all there on the screen, so simple, so transparent. just brilliant. So it can be done correctly. Somebody tell Scottish Power please !!!

Tomorrow, well today now of course, the cab has its bi-annual taxi test. It should pass as it had a lot of repair work done last friday in readiness for this. I should clean it really, but wont have the time.

Time is in short supply and getting shorter. Cant understand why these people around the world continue to fight wars. Life is just too short for that kind of crap.

Ok, gonna go and get half hour kip.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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