So today I faced the challenge. We face many challenges in life as we trundle through the years. I, for one, seem to give myself challenges for no good reason. For instance, when I was 39 I challenged myself to find a ballet school that would take me on. Ballet had been something I really wanted todo as a child but, living where I lived, on a rough council estate in Nuneaton, I would have been beaten to a pulp. The nearest I got was my Mum suggesting tapdancing…………naturally I baulked at that, although with hindsight the one may have led to the other, but clearly it was not to be, not in my life plan, not part of my karma. I succeeded in finding a school, where it went from just me in the class to several adults, back to just me. I reached grade four and my teacher, Diane Grose, would sigh that she didnt get me when I was ten years old………….although how that would have worked I dont know as she was around my age. She was a Tiller Girl………anyone remember them? so, actually, she may have been a little older than me, but not much older. Then I challenged myself to buy a scooter, which I did, and loved riding it for a couple of years, back and forth to University. These days it stands forlorn and unworking in the back garden. Other challenges have been; trade union representative at committee level, shop steward, standing for borough council, being elected to parish council (nothing to do with any church), President of Hinckley Spiritualist Church, appointed person (weddings) for the aforementioned church, studying for a degree in fine art, the list goes on, but the point is today I met a challenge put down to me by somebody else. My accountant. She had challenged me to appear with my books in her office dressed as Supergirl for half price accountancy fees! So I did !! and to put cream on the cake she agreed to the deal with me, especially as she wasnt sure I would do it, but she also said she would donate my fee to a charity of my choice. I chose MIND……….based on my own depression, my sons breakdown, and the fact that mental health is invisible, unlike a broken arm or suchlike. So its been a great day! Sometimes, no……. always, its good to meet those challenges set by others and by ourselves. Its how we discover things about ourselves……..our limits………..our goals…………..and we can use those challenges to change our lives.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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