Monkey gene, lose the jean, smooth

Ive been noticing lately…………..well, to be honest, Im always noticing and it drives me a bit mad………like whats happened to wordpress? Its changed…..dont like this text type……….ah well, thats another story………no, Ive been noticing mens legs.

Now dont get me wrong, Im not that way inclined, its just that with these glorious summery days men are getting their legs out and its great they, we, do that. However, have you noticed how many men seem to be shaving their legs? There are still those horrible hairy legs out there, but there are more and more male legs that seem to be free from the monkey gene. It looks so much better. And they are not the pretty boys you might expect to be shaving or waxing their legs, oh no, it seems to be quite large, muscular, one might say MENS men, who are doing this.

Now if they could just lead the way further and get men into skirts as a dress option…………

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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