wrong hospital, right hospital, blue pig

So today……………..dont you just hate it when people start a sentence with, “so…”? so, I apologise for doing that. Lets start again.

Today I didnt have a good cycle ride as had to take the other half of my sky to Walsgrave Hospital because of heart concerns after local ECG test. We got off the M69 at Coventry, onto the roundabout , at which point she decides to see which carpark we should use. She reads….” main reception, Hospital of St.Cross, Rugby”

me; whoa….did you say Rugby?
still driving on the roundabout I miss the exit

her; no not rugby, its Walsgrave, look it says so on the top of the letter

me. no, you said Rugby.

Traffic lights change to red.

me. give me the letter

I read…….Rainsbrook Wing, Hospital of St.Cross, Rugby

me; Rugby! its Rugby !! O my god !! by the way, where exactly are we now?

I failed to recognise where we were on the roundabout, which is rather disconcerting.

her; lets carry on to Walsgrave Hospital and sort something out from there. Exit here.

me; yes, yes, ok, exit here, oh yes I recognise the road now, boy that was strange.

We arrive at the hospital in Coventry, she leaps out at reception while I park the car. When I get to her she is on the telephone to the receptionist at Rugby having been put in contact by the receptionist at Walsgrave…………..what a lovely helpful man, dont meet many of them.

So we go off again, following the directions given us by the lady at Rugby (left satnav at home), again, what a really lovely helpful lady, seriously dont get many of them. We arrived just ten minutes late, fantastic.

The outcome is that she has yet another pill to pop, and it makes her sleepy, as if she doesnt have enough trouble keeping awake, and that she may have angina. So its good they dont think she is on the verge of a heart attack but angina can be really bad too, cant it? yes, it can.

Oh well. Live in the moment, just like that young French footballer who couldnt stop crying having lost to Germany in todays World Cup, who will only get over it by living in the moment rather than lingering on that bad moment.

I wrote a short poem about change. I may put it on here, when I find it. Cant remember it right now.

I will find it……in a MOMENT!

Every passing moment
Causes change in life.
Every passing life
Changes a moment.

Every passing moment
Changes part of you,
Every passing you
Changes moments.

there it is then, I found it, hope you enjoy it.

oh, the blue pig reference? its a 15th century inn in Wolvey where we had lunch. Very nice.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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