Bumps and Lumps

It would appear that starting on July 14, 2014, the town of Hinckley will be closed, for up to 14 weeks. Thats if you believe all the warning signs all over town……….and I do………..because every year there seems to be an onslaught of roadworks presumabley because they need to have certain works done, but being a ……erm……oh darn, I keep seeing the word in my head an instant before it vanishes………….you know what I mean………..anyway, I think they are trying to kill of this town. Last year they cut Burbage off from Hinckley completely ! Now they are just going to close the town to outsiders and keep the residents in. Apparently they are filling the town with sleeping policemen. So while the national government is going to pay councils £53 for each pothole that gets filled in because of how they damage vehicles, the councils are building lumps in the road that damage vehicles. Lumps everywhere.

Speaking of lumps, where these blxxdy insects keep biting me is now developing into not just itchy spots but large, hard lumps. Should I be concerned? I blame this dog of ours. She just seems to grow fleas, or some other sort of bloodsucking insects. We bather her, they die , we use those drops on her neck, they die, we give her a big tablet that drives her mad, and they die…………but within half a day she is scratching again, and I am being bitten again. Hate to say it, but if we cant sort this out soon she will have to go back to Huncote and the dog rescue place we found her in.

So there we have it…………oh , and one more thing; Germany have just kicked lumps off the Brazilian myth, trouncing them, incredibly, 7 goals (yes SEVEN!) to 1. Unbelievable.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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