Hair, Fayre and QTS

today was, like most days, a good day, although of course thats about probably in the eye of the camel or something. Anyway, the day started with a cycle ride that went on for over 13 miles. Nice.

Then took mum to hairdresser, left her there while we did the banking, returned to find mum outside the hairdresse despite instructions to stay inside (what can you do with these old people?), took her shopping where we did some too and for once I actually traversed the mystery of the aisles.

We did lunch at a carvery (no meat for me please but I will have extra yorkshire pudding, ta). During lunch we got text from number two son, Samuel, saying that he had been signed off from his QTS which means he is now a fully qualified teacher !

Got home and put balloons outside the house, which made Sam smile when he got home. He then took us out to pub for celebration drink. I had to have cola as I had two pints with lunch and Im such a wimp I cant really drink more than that without imploding, lol.

So all in all, a pretty good day today. Sometimes its like that, isnt it. Sometimes it isnt, but lets not concentrate on the negative, Lets be bright stars in the sky and be jolly and bouncy and full of good cheer. Is it too early for Christmas?

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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