Dissappointment, Rides, Flowers, and Footy

So today was designated as the day my son has his daughter for a wopping 4 hours, except the mommabitxx asked him his plans and then suddenly the child had a temperature of 42 during the night and then has earache……..seriously, isnt that cause for A&E? nope, didnt happen, more like she didnt like that pappa was going to take his daughter somewhere she would really love so she put a stop to it. It seems she is happy for the courts to decide things and then abitrarily overturn them when it suits her……………but enough of this………….mommabitxx sends me down the slippery slope of aggresive feelings which no magic shampoo could ever fix, so lets concentrate on happier things.

Did manage a cycle ride as it stopped raining in the afternoon, did about 8 miles I think, although mapmyride doesnt seem to have uploade to facebook like it should do………nothing ever works does it!…………….and got in studio where I completely destroyed an old pa inting called, SADNESS IN THE DECLINING USE OF ETIQUETTE. It will now be something completely diferent……..what I dont know…………anyway……….get to wear that red skirt in the studio………….wait did I say that outloud?………ignore that, it probably wasnt me saying that, not really.

Then I got home and cut the lawn. An hour passes and I ask if dinner is expected anytime soon only to be told that she and son had had theirs and that mine was ready whenever I wanted it ! WTF !!!

So now, Im chilling on the patio in my nice black leggings ( I didnt say that either, its that other person, just ignore him), enjoying the last of the sun and watching wife move some of her flowers, and praying the strong breeze wont topple the sunshade brolly thingy……….which it already once did so tis weighed down with heavy concrete block. Not pretty, but pretty effective.

So, tonight its the World Cup final and I was right about Germany getting to the final, and hopefully I will be right about them winning it. Messi looks knackered and Argentina are a one man Team. Germany have their frailties in defence but they know how to win and there are no out and out stars, just a good solid team with that German mentality of being superior. They just cant believe its possible for them to lose. Thats a quality I wish England had, but they never will, so we will never get to another final.

Have to end on a good note; son will be having his daughter in the week, which he can do as being a teacher he now has this week off! Bet she didnt think of that, old mommabitxx.

Love all (bit ironic I know, but one must always at least try), hurt none, and walk in soft shoes



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