Lips, Words, and U.N.C.L.E.

I wonder why womens lips go all wrinkly and tight looking around the edges? I read once that it was only women who smoke, but Ive noticed the other half of my sky is getting this type of lip and she has never smoked, so it must be something else. Men dont seem to suffer from this.

Another thing on my mind today, and which my Mum failed to answer is, why is that MAN becomes WO MAN, HERO becomes HERO IN, i.e. the root of the word is masculine changing to feminine, but WIDOW becomes WIDOW ER, i.e. the root starts as feminine changing to masculine ? Is it because we expect men to die before women?

Another thing on my mind today is why do some people get agitated when I make a remark on facebook that goes against what they believe to be true, and may indeed be true to them? I saw a photo and said something like, very nice, dont like the hemline and the house needs tidying up a little………….oh, the aggravation that has caused me. Is it worth it? Should I just leave that particular group?

Do I really care why some words change gender one way and some another?
Do I really think that finding out why ladies lips go wrinkly as they age will make any diference?

Nah, but these and other incosequencial things are on my mind quite a lot of the time.

Note to self; make better use of mental energy.

btw, listening to THE MAN FROM UNCLE album on spotify. I bought the vinyl when I was young and the tv show was popular but cant play it these days as I no longer have a turntable. Nice album, great memories.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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