Powdered milk, heartbeats, and TRUE selfies.

Its been an interesting weekend. Friday Ava, our grandaughter, was with her dad, Sam, our second son as part of his parental time. Should have had her the previous sunday but she was, apparently, ill…………hmm……..so we took her to Birdland, near Desford and had an excellant time. A ten mile bike ride, and solved the creative block by starting a new painting. Saturday of course, it thundered, and lightninged (is that a word?) and absolutely peed it down, but we were at her mums in Bedworth, pronounced Bed-uth, choking on her ciggy smoke, and drinking her coffee with powdered milk, despite me not normally taking milk (short memories) and then slipping off to her brothers where he revealed his cache of Vodka (Im not an alcoholic, I can take it or leave it………..but he never does leave it so, what do YOU think?). Today Ive been working in the cab and so missed another visit from Ava, but not to worry. I was going to go on a good bike ride and do some more work on the painting , but the other half of my sky is not well, not well at all. SHe looks awful and her heart is pounding away and she is finding it hard to breathe. So I cant leave her alone in the house. That would be cruel and unloving. So, to punish myself for even considering it, Im watching baseball from the USA on the telly box. What the heck is that game all about? I thought cricket was bad, but seriously !

Oh, and number three son has got himself a big black shiny BMW with blacked out rear windows…..so maybe its ex gangstermobile.

Pics on facebook I may come to regret…..if they leak to people Im not wanting to see them…….so why do I put them up? I cant really answer that question. Im sure there is a psychological reason for it. Why do we do anything? I have a theory that we really want our secrets to be out because they represent our TRUE selves and our TRUE selves demand attention.

Anyway, Love all , hurt none, and walk in soft shoes.


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