Llew Llewyfo, The Innocent Lion.

I just had a quotation from The Bard floated my way, well, everyones way who reads it really as its on facebook. Something from The Dane, which I assume is Hamlet……my favourite………….although of course Its also the only one Ive ever seen. I should do something about that……….one day.

But speaking of the Bard reminded me that my great, great, grandfather on my maternal side was also a Bard. There, betya didnt know that, didya?

He was Welsh, so he was a Bard of the Druids, and he mostly wrote poetry. He also taught singing to a man called Savage, who went on to become a great celebrity in America. He was the self taught son of a tin miner, I think, in Anglesey, went on to be deputy editor of the Liverpool Echo, and ran his own school where people mostly paid him in chickens and eggs and things. He was quite theatrical and often toured the Welsh speaking areas of the USA……..apparently they existed in those days, doubt if they do now though………….and was where one of his follies took place. He was asked for his autograph by a man who said he wanted to take his family to watch him but couldnt afford it, so My Bard said he should not worry that all his family would get a free ticket. Unfortunately the family was extremely large and it cost My Bard a lot of money ! Haha, he was like that, wound up penniless in Colwyn Bay. But he does have a little cenotaph over his grave , with his likeness chiselled in it, in the Old Llandbeblic cemetry.

He once was employed as manager of a local corner shop where Mrs Stanley used to frequent. One day he was so enthused by the singing of a choir he was part of and who were practising in the back room, that he failed to hear the treacle jars exploding in the shop!!

Over the course of his career he won three Crowns and a Chair. we dont know what happened to them although there was tell of the chair making its way over the Atlantic with one of his daughters, who married a yank, and later still we were told it was in Iceland. How on earth it could get there we simply dont know, or where it may be stashed. Anyway, we will never get it now, its enough to know we have a man who was described by the BBC as the most famous Welshman of the 19th century, in our family.

So, thats my family’s claim to fame. I grew up with these tales and felt I should follow in his footsteps somehow, although I cant sing, but I could write a bit. However, it wasnt to be, and demonstrates that you cant waste your life trying to be somebody else.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Ta


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