Y ahora, por la cosa diferente completamente (pigeon Spanish)

I had joined a facebook group because they shared an interest of mine, however, almost from the getgo a couple of them have attacked me for questioning things, and sometimes for my humour. I know I have problems communicating with humans, but this was ridiculous. So, I resigned today. However, since I dont know how to actually extricate myself from the group Im still sort of in it. I can read what they are posting because it comes through to my page. Now Im getting a couple of people saying I should stay but not make comments, some are saying I should stay and use it as a period of growth, whatever that means, while some, interestingly from the two main people who spent time aggravating me, are wishing me a fond farewell. Humans are strange, dont you think?

And now for something completely diferent; The Commonwealth Games…………what a boring opening ceremony. Why do these games, and the Olympics etc., insist on the competing athletes traipsing into the stadium one by one? why not have them all there from the start, so that they can enjoy any entertainment? Have to say I liked the tartan designed just for the games, very smart, and there was at least one country whose men strolled in wearing the most elegant of dresses, and didnt look out of place alongside their equally gorgeous females in slightly diferent dresses. It just shows what Im saying elsewhere is true. Non bifurcated garments are not just for ladies.

And now for something completely diferent again; How hot? phew……

and no aircon in the cab……….and imagine having to wear support leggings beneath trousers in a mobile greenhouse……tomorrow I may have to shed clothing and work in shorts. The boss doesnt like it but if necessary I will call in the equality troops !

He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok, etc. etc.

Vale, me voy ahora porque esta la hora para me voy a mi cama y a ver mis suenos aggradable.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes.

Isi Tart


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