Thinking Out Loud

Rizzlekicks on the spotify thingy, quite ok-ish. Anyway, another day another dollar………….oh why did i say that? Hate how Yankeeisms get into our speech. But have you noticed how tea is making a habit of appearing in yanky tv shows lately? coffee is taking a back seat to my favourite tipple, but some folk claim it keeps them awake at night (Lizardyogatypefolk), but seriously, its just hot water with a bag of leaves dipped in and removed prior to drinking. Maybe a bit of sugar, maybe a slurp of milk (but please, not with Earl Grey).

On a better note I posted how maybe Im too toxic for facebookfolk and should I leave off leaving comments. Happily it was, I think, 6 nil to me, so it looks like I will still be leaving my humouress, dainty, thought provoking, wordlings dotted around the facebookworld and apologise to the couple of people who dont like my toungue………maybe they wont read it. Maybe they can unfriend me. Maybe I will edit what I think I should write and therefore have to apologise less. Its a good job I dont have actual real friends out there in reality land or I would be apologising non-stop. Actually, I used to, but then found that not having actual physical friends left me free to think outloud whenever I wanted.

I do think my taxi passengers take liberties there though, they get in my cab and think they can say any old shit that springs to mind. I cant have that, and have to tell them. Maybe thats why I hardly make a living as they dont want to get in my cab the next time they see me.

Hmmm, well, its too late now, I won the match !!

I defied authority today by wearing shorts in the taxi. After almost ten years of sweltering in trousers whilst seeing women cabbies wearing next to nothing, I made a stand………….gender equality !!!!……..equal opportunity to keep cool !!……….and then the sky decided to cloud over and make it less hoterer, or more coolererer, that what it was the last week was, been. So God is probably having a larrf, eh?

And now, having missed time with my grandaughter, I find myself snorring through a film I let my wife choose, always a bad thing to do, I find………………and now Im actually awake through another film of her choice, seriously, is this all she does all day? and now I have to take HER dog for a walk !!

for better or for worse I hear you say. OK, ok, dont shout, I heard you.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart
there are punctuation marks and capital letters missing in places in the above diatribe. I can only apologise for this. I dont know what happened.


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