Acid, Weird o’clock, Why cant I use algebra to work it out?

Im up ! its weird o’clock in the morning. Why am I up? Acid. Thats the simple answer. Burning stomach. Enlarged, hard, and painful. Nothing I can do to alleviate it. Plus noticing wifes arms above her head which will only result in her being unable to bring her arms down if I dont move them. So Im luying in agony and constantly watching my wife luying beside me fast asleep. In the end I have to get up. Search the medicine cabinet. This started as a small area of the kitchen cupboard but has now taken it up completely. So many packets of pills, ointments, bandages, sticking plasters, all manor of things. None of which are of any use to me right now. No alkali products at all. No Andrews Liver Salts. No chalk tablets. Nothing. All aimed at Her. Bless. So I just have to sit here in the lounge with headphones listening to Rizzlekicks and Lou Reed, and printing off various portraits of David Bowie. A small glass of milk at my side. Sipping it. As I stay upright the expansion of my stomach recedes and I feel a little relief. Rubbing it helps too. And then I shall have to work. So Im also wondering what the weather will be like. Do I wear shorts with support sock? Do I wear lycra support leggings beneath trousers? Do I put other peoples sensitivites first or my own health? How many hairwashes do I have left in my special magical herbal hair restoring shampoo bottle? Why cant I do algebra to figure it out? When shall I pop over to the big city to buy some more? What shall I wear when I go as I need to show respect for the people there, indulge myself,keep it secret from Her? Why did I used to see black when I thought of Leicester a few years ago? Why do I ask myself so many questions?

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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