Tea breaks, Mini breaks,

There must be a law against that.
But there isnt.
Taxi drivers, seemingly, can work as many hours as they wish/need.
Whereas lorry drivers need to take official breaks and can only work for a set amount of hours in one day, and its all recorded on a tachograph.
I say this because today I had no break at all. I worked through the period I would normally have for lunch and of course we never have tea breaks.
Its a long march from my factory days when we insisted on morning and afternoon teabreaks as well as lunch break and fag breaks in between all the other breaks. How did we ever get any work done? Maybe thats one of the reasons my firm, the then oldest hosiery company in the world , Atkins of Hinckley, went bust. Not all our fault, but it must have played a part.

I got used to not having teabreaks when I worked in an office at Leicester General. Office workers dont have tea breaks, they sup their brew at their desks and carry on. They also bitch when you leave the room, but thats another story.

And now I have gone the whole circle and kicked any kind of break into touch.
Money, its all about money. There never seems to be enough. And yet I have no debts. My house was paid off years ago. I have done all I can to manouvre a stress free life, and yet I cant ignore the fact that I need money and that there is never quite enough. How I would cope if I had a mortgage or rent to pay I simply dont know.

So Im wondering why I dont have a long weekend away somewhere. Take in some art, breathe some sea air, give Her a rest. So, with that in mind, Im now determined to take her away for our wedding anniversary on August 28th. 39 years together! wow! So any ideas from anyone as for destination would be most welcome. She likes to be entertained in the evening. I like the sand in my feet during the day. She likes to eat out. I like a good art gallery. It cant be that hard can it?

Watch this space, oh, and btw, dont tell her, it would be a great surprise!

Love all,hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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