Badger, Superherbhero, Fabric,Liz(ardyoga)

When is it the right time to badger somebody about something? I mean, I was running desperately short of magic shampoo, not like running out would kill me, although actually it would, and GeniusHerbHuman had offspring in hospital extremely ill. But Im running out of shampers…….and finally the child was showing signs of recovery………I held my breath and clicked on “send”. Was promised it. It didnt happen due to lack of ingredient. To badger or not to badger, that was the question. I answered yes. I did a little light badgering and hey presto. Guilt still there though. So went over with the other half of my sky, and she proceeded to talk the hind legs off a donkey. She is getting worse. I think deep down she hates silence. Anyway, I had intended to go over dressed more in empathy with GeniusHerbHuman, but wife in tow, not gonna happen. But, me thinking maybe she wont know how to react in the presence of GeniusHerbHuman and therefore set things back………….was wrong. She just didnt flip an eyelash, so…..maybe… the not too distant future…….who knows….its just fabric after all.

Liz looked tired and in need of a rest, hope somebody does something about that in the very near future.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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