The crash, the carnival, the motto

Exercise is a healthy passtime, they say and, for the most part, I of course agree, except for this morning when I went hurtling sideways along the footpath, bouncing off my ribs into a hedge. Several cars very helpfully failed to stop and ask of my well-being, which of course increased my happy thoughts of the state of humankind, from beheadings on video to me crashing my cycle for no apparent reason, the world seems hellbent on hurting and not caring. The very opposite of my motto. I wonder why that is? What is it that makes humans nasty? Why do they want to make others adhere to their way of thinking? If I dont want to be a christian, or a muslim, or a buddhist, or a hindu, or a pagan, or a druid, or an agnostic, or an atheist then why should I be forced to? If I want to wear trousers, or shorts or a skirt, then why should anyone stop me, or ridicule me or profer violence against me? The answer to all the worlds problems, it seems to me, is to adopt my motto and try to live by it. Its hard, I admit, but what is the alternative? My motto has no connections to religions, yet is surely connected to all religions. It is connected to non-religious religions such as humanism, for instance. I try my best to live up to my own motto, sometimes fail, but mostly succeed, and as long as I mostly succeed then I have succeeded. For instance, todays crash, I would have forgiven myself for being angry at the people who didnt stop to assist me, but instead I was greatly annoyed, which is not the same thing, and very dissappointed to think that so many people are wrapped up in themselves.

Tomorrow is the Cosmopolitan Carnival in Leicester, a feast of arty things, apparently and my participation as part of the Knighton Lane Artists Group Gallery in Silver Arcade. YOu can see some of the paintings that formed my solo show earlier this year in Yorkshire, and maybe you will see in them, something of how Im thinking about what Ive just been talking about………….

In the meantime; Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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