Tarriff 2, Geoff, Bon Marche, wonderful facebook friends

today i decided to work the taxi, even though I dont normally work bank holidays, and despite a busy first thing, it dwindled until I got so bored I finished………midday………..but made a fair amount of money in that short period. I do feel guilty charging tarrif 2 though, but then again, they all know it so they have a choice.

The people we pick up can be amusing/interesting/souldestroying. For instance today I picked tup two girls, in the shortest of dresses, no shoes, who had clearly woken up in the wrong house and were now doing the walk of shame……but in my taxi….

And there was also the Irish lady who missed the bus into Nuneaton where she worked……managed I think………the Bon Marche shop……………she had no money on her so had to raid the shop float to pay me ( I let her off with 80 pence, my good deed) and the single taxi ride cost her the price of a weeks bus pass !

And yesterday I picked up Geoff. The dreaded Geoff, who complains about absolutely everything and always threatens to “have a word with your boss, you know, the man you work for”. Last time he said that to me I put him right. That man works for me as I pay him money and he finds me work, perhaps you should get facts right before being so outspoken. It didnt work though. Yesterday he was moaning that the radio operator had told him he might have to wait 20 mins, but I turned up just five minutes later. And he didnt like how she asked him where he was going and where from. “I have a taxi three times a week, from the same place and going to the same place and she has the gall to ask me that question!” I suggested that if he decided to go somewhere else and she didnt know he wouldnt be happy at all then. Nope, he couldnt see that at all. So I said whistfully, “Whatever” he didnt like that either, and yet he gave me a pound tip !! theres no figuring some people out . But I cant stand his negativity, so will be refusing to pick him up next time.

Its a bit like facebook. Some real idiots on it (not on my pages), some moaners but basically sound people, and then there are those very special people who go off into some other universe and fascinate me, and those who offer to help each other, and, well, give me hope for the human race.

Love all , hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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