Silent elephant… skirt…….changing minds

Recently I have burned (or should that be burnt?) bridges. Went to work at college in a skirt. Told my mum. And today I let my wife know…………………..fireworks!!!…………….on coming home the elephant was clearly in the room not being talked about. Had to go over to inlaws in the evening to sort drains and phones, so on the way home I told her about my day………… Leicester, in the cathedral, guildhall, talking to a foreign lady, talking to a lady in Cank Street Gallery…………….and there was a definite thaw………….so………… Tuesday we try again as Im modeling at the college again with a similar schedule.

Hopefully its going to be like me starting to wear support leggings when cycling. She insisted I wore short over to, I suppose, cover the little lump . I persevered, my son intervened saying he often went running in his without shorts, I showed her the tour de france, and now its just normal to not wear shorts when cycling.

Its maybe just a matter of readjustment. I mean, its not like Im turning into a woman. I dont want that, It wont happen. She asked me in the car if I had walked around the city like that, and I told her yes, because Im a man, looking like a man, but in a skirt……… problems (a couple of looks this time, tbh, but lets not mention them as they were so in the minority). I just dont know why I cant wear something so sensible and comfortable, when the vast majority of the worlds men can, and our own history tells us we did. Whats wrong with that?

At the college, nobody says anything at all. The two tutors Im most involved with just chat away, like its the most natural thing. ….. because it IS!

And tomorrow, my thoughts on possibly the most momentous moment in democracy the world has ever witnessed…….

love all , hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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