Sleep, Separation, Sealife

The fall out of being awake from 1.00 a.m. is that here, two days later, I am still struggling with lack of sleep. The cab was busy so none of the normal 40 wink periods, so by midday I was dead on my feet and had a nap on the bed. About two hours. Did a couple more taxi jobs and now considering an early night. Of course that wont happen.

Tomorrow there is a plan to visit the sealife centre in Brum.  Hmm.

But all this pales into insignifance if you wanted Scotland to seperate herself from the UK.  I wonder why you wanted it, if indeed you did, as Scotland already have so much that they are independant in all but name. Diferent education system, free university places, control of the NHS in Scotland, diferent laws, their own paper money, a crap football team………..oh, wait, we all have one of those, England, Wales, N.Ireland, all pretty much crap at football………… anyway, as I was saying…………we surely are better together………..

And we are all better for a good nights sleep.

And we shall be better for seeing Ava in the Sealife Centre.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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