Ava , SeaCentre, Blue Skirt Cuandary, Sleep

I wasnt going to post any blogs today, I mean, Im not really awake enough to write coherently. But whenever I see a post from Lizardyogapeople I feel strangely guilty……..or maybe its inspired………I just a tiny thread on fb where guilt was mentioned, oddly (should there be three consonants together there?) enough it Nineteenthly who mentioned guilt.  Thus proving what a small world we live in…………….maybe.

Ava time this weekend and, as Im possibly cabbying tomorrow, I went with her to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham. Fascinating place, but why people insist on dragging baby buggies around the enclosed spaces I do not know, There should be a buggypark at the entrance.

But lets not be compaining. Lets talk about the plan;

The plan is quite short, consisting of only Tuesday. Thus;

wear blue skirt to lifemodeling work at St.Margarets campus. Midday break, don the skirt again, and carry large painting into Cank Street Gallery and enter it into their upcoming open exhibition. Walk back. Undress for next class. After class step once more into the blue skirt and (and this is where it is open to fluxicity), go and visit Diane (but her husband is one of those old biggots and wont like it. If I turn up like that it may risk our friendship and she is maybe the last friend I have outside of FB), or not visit Diane, or not wear skirt or shorts over lycra tights to keep Eddie happy (stange how he is quite alright with that, but not with a skirt or with tights that offer only decoration not compression).  Weird. I will let you know the decision when its made, probably Wednesday, lol!

Im wondering how the other half will react to a second time of seeing me leave the house in a skirt , or shall we call it non-bifurcated shorts?, She was adamantly against it the first time………then warmed a little in the evening when I told her what had happened (NOTHING !), so maybe a second time will be less so, and a third time……………well, you get my gist………….she was the same over lifemodeling but now accepts it without rancour.

Im always reading of fashion shows where designers attempt to get men into skirts, but they are so outragous they dont stand a chance, but Im also reading on the t’interweb that skirts for men are taking a hold in North America…………..I so hope this becomes the norm before I pop my clogs. Its time men struck for sartorial equality !!!

So, Ava has left the building which means I have the chance to catch up with some zeds.

So its goodnight from me and its goodnight from him, even though its only teatime………

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi TartDSC_0462[1] DSC_0474[1] DSC_0371[1]


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