a day in the life, a future day.

Ever had one of those days? I did today. Business was slack, then whilst I was facebooking in a layby, a concerned member of the public warned me of a puncture in my rear tyre. So, despite wearing my second best black lycra tights (I save the best pair of black lycra tights for special occasions) I got out the jack and the wheelwrench and adopting my manly aire I loosened the wheel nuts, jacked up the vehicle, and got down on my back to unfasten the spare under the body.  Well, that was easier said than done as the twisty turny thing (technical name, obviously) refused to budge. So I recalled my deceased father in law (my how I miss him and his letsdonothingtoday attitude to life) saying, “If at first you dont succeed, give up!”. So thats what I did. Lowered the jack, retightened the wheel nuts, put the jack away, and progressed at no more than ten mph for over a mile to the tyre place where the cab company has an account and let the experts repair the tyre. Then the clutch hydraulics decided to play up, which has been happening for a couple of days, to be honest, so it was a trip to the mechanic where the company has an account (definitely a theme forming here). Naturally he did little but tweek a bit and go on a test drive, during which time the car behaved like butter wouldnt melt in its radiator……….fucking car!………..so off I went in search of business again and the car acted like nothing had happened. Maybe it just likes a bit of a fondling from Ian the Mechanic now and then.

Eventually finished at 6.30 pm………..way past my comfort zone time.

So tomorrow Im modeling in the afternoon. The morning class is on a visit to the museum so I have a couple of options.

A;  drive cab in the morning

B;  be in studio all morning

C;  accidentally on purpose visit the museum too

well, as for the first option, nope, that aint happening, as for the third, well apart from the excitement of turning up in a skirt the museum is a bit boring , nothing seems to change, so thats not gonna happen, which only leaves the second one.

So thats settled then. I shall spend the morning in the studio working on my large painting, maybe doing a little sketching, a bit of tidying up. Sounds good. Whilst Im there I can think about whether Im going to college in a skirt or a dress. Im meeting a couple of fb friends before college, in the Buddhist Cafe, at 1.00 pm. and mention was made of me in a dress (Tony of all people said it) and Kathryn almost expects me to, too. Somehow though , I think a dress is too much. A skirt can still look manly, its all about presentation. Have to escape the house first of course, but plain sailing after that.

Oh, and before I go, I have welded the lawnmower into a few more months of useful life whilst I get better at it. It looks a mess, but it works !

So the mower works, the studio works, the skirt works, the taxi works, the herb shampoo works, it all works!

But I have no idea why the text above appears so large and in italics, so something else works without my conscious intent………………….and I dont really like camping !!

Love all, Hurt None and Walk in Soft Shoes

Isi Tart

Love all,


3 thoughts on “a day in the life, a future day.

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