Redundant Letter. Spare Time. Gender Questions. Blackdog.

There are …………..erm………….25……..or is it 26………….letters in our alphbet. But why is that? I mean to say, there seems to be some duplication going on and making spelling more dificult than it ought to be. For instance, the letter C……………its a clever letter, no doubt about that, it can sound like S or K, so why not simply let the letter S live in the words that require that sound, and likewise the letter K. We can completely discard the letter C if we do that. So circus would be sirkus. And there are combinations of letters we use, such as PH sounding like F……….why not just use F? And CH sounding like……………..well, ok, thats an example that doesnt work so forget that. And vowels, why isnt the letter Y a vowel, or the letter H? I thought vowels were letters where your toungue didnt touch teeth or mouth roof when spoken, which must include the two aforementioned letters……………..and theres another example, how does ion sound like shun? why not just write shun, so that aforementshuned looks like that, and why not luks instead of looks? It is confusing isnt it………or is that just me?

I guess Ive had too much time on my hands today, and with things going awry early on my mind set has just gone downhill until I can feel blackdog nipping at my ankles, and now She who watches telly all day is huffing and puffing and making it sound like she has worked so hard and life is so miserable. It really doesnt help. Thinking about letters in the English language doesnt help much either.

And listening to very interesting videos regarding gender questions, doesnt help much, nor does reading extremely interesting thoughts on the same topic, or surfing the net to try and discover when and why men stopped wearing non-bifurcated garments and joined up hosiery and is it ok for men to try and make this clothing acceptable again, doesnt help at all.

You will have to excuse me while I kick this blackdog in the nuts and bolt before it really gets a hold of me, oh, and to make things worse its the X factor tonight…………….oh, hell, somebody pass me the meat cleaver .

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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