The green green grass of envy

up, up and awayyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!! Well, not quite. Would you like to be superman? Leap tall buildings at a single bound? (actually, he never does that anymore, he simply flies and I dont know when he discovered he could actually fly rather than just jump around a bit), see through solid walls? (that could come in handy in certain situations……………oo err missus, hahaha), have x-ray vision? (which could also come in handy in medical situations), have super strength, be impervious to bullets (how often have you wished you were impervious to bullets?) and be able to wear your knickers over your tights?

Yes, the grass isnt always greener isnt it. Thats a statement, not a question.

It isnt until we actually have what we have longed for that we realise its just not that great after all. Its just, well, normal. Ok, maybe the Superman comparison is a little dramatic and over the top, but its the same down here at the ordinary mortal / apprentice angel, level.

Before I started wearing a skirt in public I longed to be able to have the same equality of choice of women and listened in pain and anger to the rantings of …….feminists are they?……who demanded equality with men. I always silently shouted, “But you are already MORE equal !”. Obviously, they never heard me, and the odd one who did responded with well reasoned vitriol.

So, having plucked up the courage, I now wear a skirt sometimes…………….and its become so……………ordinary……………….not the outcome I was expecting, but nice, I suppose, nonetheless.


So, the moral of this minitale? I will let you decide.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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