Fagin, Situations, Price

Like Fagin, I have been assessing the situation. More than one actually, situation that is, not Fagin ( i used to have a fagin my mouth but I stopped when I was 21 with just a quick hiccup to try out the erb in 2007/8 ). So, first off, Ive decided to produce some land/city/townscapes of scenes around the fox county. Very diferent subject for me, but it might make a nice change and open up a new avenue of expression for me, although I would continue with my current methods, basically. And floatframe them too.

The other situation is of course, the textile wear……………….I noticed how confident I become when talking in a non-bifurcated garment, and I noticed yestereve how, not for the first time, the gallery owner/manager made a beeline to talk to me. The fabric must be having this effect. It somehow makes me more interesting and or releases a more interesting me from this fleshy cell. So, I cant wear a skirt if with wifey, but can and must wear what i want at other times……..such as going life modeling, attending art events without her, etc., etc..  ?”

So thats three situations sorted out in my mind.

Pluse their shiny red capes…………oh, wait, thats another situation……….

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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