Altered ideas, Religious art, Saying nowt

I have been searching for inspirational images of Leicestershire. Sadly I failed. So the idea for next set of paintings may have to wait. Interestingly, since the skirted artist made an appearance, my work is less about that than ever. It must be that my paintings were telling me to do something, and now Ive done it I have to find another theme.

So the idea of the county landscapes came to mind, in that little box in my brain marked “this could be a seller”, but its now looking like thats a non starter, as mentioned in paragraph 1. However, adopting this new honesty attitude, I have to admit that, despite declaring myself NOT a christian, I keep being drawn (thats a pun) to religious images. I think I shall have to produce them, get them out of my system, before I can move on to other things. Maybe I will give them away to churches who are brave enough to display them.

I will keep you informed…………………….is there anyone there? Well, I shall imagine hoardes of you reading this blog and respoding to it in the affirmative.

Nothing much else to say right now, so , as my old uncle Bob used to say (when he had a drink, because he said nothing when sober………….bad memories of the Burma Road), if youve got nowt to say, say nowt.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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