Plan A

yesterday I accidentally sat through a eucharist service.

years ago I accidentally turned right and a car tried to overtake me and took me out instead.

further back I accidentally found myself being born.

yes, its all accidental. ….. is it? or maybe it isnt………..maybe I needed to be born into this body in order to gain exposure and experience of certain things. Maybe there was a plan……but if so, who’s plan was it? Mine? some omnipotent sentience? and what am I learning from being eaten alive by these tiny black creatures who also seem to like traveling on my dog? (this is the fourth dog of this, my current, life and the only one to have this flea thing going on……… matter what we do, cant beat it………..thinking of burning the house down), what am I learning from any of the things have happened, will happen, to me? and if I am learning anything at what point do i put this knowledge into good use? another life? in heaven?

Maybe that eucharist service was telling me something, I should have paid more attention.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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