what they want, what they really, really , want

This began as a comment on a facebook thingy and started to grow so I stopped and made it into a blog where probably nobody will read it.

A guy had written about his experience of unemployment benefits officers……….thats a good name for them, officers. They are more like the police arent they? Telling you what you can and cannot do, laying down the rules, threatening you with sanctions yet never finding you a job. Cos the secret is, if they wanted you to have a job they would get rid of all the private job agencies, where money is made from other peoples misery, and do it themselves. Instead of ticking boxes and making you sign on at certain times and jump up and down on the spot, and lick their boots, they should be finding you work. Good work with long term contracts. The Job Centre should live up to its name, but of course it doesnt. And why? because if all the unemployed were found jobs then they would become the unemployed. They have investment in your unemployment. Like the police who are “waging war against crime”, but of course they cant win this war. They dont want to win this war. If there were no more criminals there would be no need for the police, so they have to justify their jobs or become the new unemployed/criminal. Like , I read this once, its not my opinion but it made sense to me…….the cancer charities, who are never going to cure all cancers because then people would stop donating money which would lead to administrators, scientists, doctors, nurses, becoming jobless. Its a self perpetuating idea……………find a problem, half heartedly try to fix it, let people know how hard your working on their behalf and ask them for the money they have worked hard for. Cynical? Moi?………………maybe…………..but what cancer has been cured? Has HIV been eradicated? Are there no more starving people in the world? I think I know the answer, your answer………….

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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