The curse of the Spectre of the Skirted Artist myth

so……………..there is this guy, who is a bit of a spectre, he seems to follow me around when Im in Leicester. I see him in shop windows and reflective shiny surfaces. Im told he is an artist, or perhaps was an artist, because if he is a spectre then surely he is in the past tense. He never speaks to me, or waves to me, but he does look at me. So I assume he is aware of my presence. I wonder why he doesnt make contact properly. The strange thing is, he wears a skirt…..Sometimes its bright red, other times its a cool shade of blue and there is this other black one he has taken to wearing which has a kind of frill around the hem, which, although it sounds girly, it actually looks quite masculine on him which is kinda weird………..the whole thing is weird. Why does he follow me around? What does he want? I have managed to take photographs of him, so I know he is not just in my warped imagination. Its rather offputting really. Ive noticed people looking at me a little strangely, one or two openly laughing and pretending to be laughing at something else. There were two young girls in the lift the other day who were trying not to laugh and one of them immediately started preening herself in the mirror, which covers an entire wall within the lift at Leicester College, which seemed to make it worse for her. I tried not to look, but I did catch a glimpse of something red and flowy in the mirror…………it must have been the spectre again………..why can I only see him in reflective surfaces? Is it an alternate dimension type thingy? Anyway, its all making me feel a little uncomfortable and I wish he would either talk to me or leave me alone.

So, sometime over the next couple of days I want to search the odd charity shop for a new non-bifurcated garment, in the hope it will make me feel better.   🙂

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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