Fancy Nun Etonians, Modern Ballards from toothless alcoholics, Red Tights

Had to drive into Nuneaton (or Nun’s Etone as it was almost certainly once known) and was delighted by the sight of lots of teenagers running a marathon or something in fancy dress. I notched up an elf, (boy in stripy tights), a few Nuns of both genders, Felainey minus the football, female Santa’s and a boy dressed as a cheerleader complete with chesticles !!! they all looked fabulous and made me wonder how I would have turned out if I had participated in such things when I was pubescantly young. Although it couldnt have involved running. I could never get the hang of running for any decent distance, this is why I now cycle far and wide for exercise, although not in fancy dress……………….well, I dont consider it fancydress although as I wear some of it every day, even in the taxi, maybe people do see my leggings as fancy dress. Nobody smiles about it though, which is a pity, so maybe they actually dont. Im still thinking I should get a pair of red tights to slip over the light support leggings, and an elfic bonnet and try to raise charity money in the cab in the funrun up to Christmas………….but I dont know……… hoped for………….and would MIND, mind me doing it or support me doing it and supply a moneybox to do it with?

Anyway , it isnt Christmas yet………….its getting there as my deceased cousins husband ALWAYS manages to get his card first on our doormat (actually, its a box outside the front door ever since the dog bit the postwoman!), but its not confirmed until I hear Fairytale of New York on the radio………now I know thats hard as I mostly listen to Radio 3 and 4 or Classic FM, but now and then I tune in to SMOOTH RADIO and I expect during those fleeting moments to hear the song thats not really about Christmas.

And now, having been awake since dentist o’clock this morning (work it out peeps, its not hard) Im strugling to keep the eyelids raised……….

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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