Not 19thly……..despite the skirtedness………….

so, must I apologise? hmm, well, just like Nineteenthly, I do, it seems, keep bringing a certain subject into this blog. Often I dont mean to, but sometimes I do intend it. I will leave it up to you to decide when or if. However………….today…………lets start with Robbie Williams in that skirt that nobody seemed to notice. At one time that would have been newsworthy. I recall David Beckham wearing a sarong and making all the newspapers and tv news too as they all thought he was bending genders. Jean-Paul Gautier used to wear his own skirted creations but sales of his skirts to men were prolific in their absence. There is a diference, and a reason why back then it didnt work and now its starting to, and its this.

Today men are wearing skirts, rather than effiminate men………….now you might think it wrong to put Beckham in that bracket (thats a rather nice phrase………..I must be a writer), but I think there is something fem about him, despite his numerous tattoos. Dont get me wrong, I love him to bits, a greatish footballer, a very nice man, and works hard for his family. But there is something dandyish about him, so when he wears a skirt it simply doesnt inspire other men to follow suit.

However, when a rapper wears a skirt and, no less, puts out a whole fashion line of skirts for men and charges a minimum of $200 for a single skirt (must have real gold thread, surely) then men who are loud, rough, gangster types follow in his steps. And thats what seems to be happening. He (I just this instant forgot his name…… brain keeps doing this, very irksome) is showing that you dont have to pretend to be a woman, or you dont have to mince around as men think women do (which is always an error as women simply DONT walk and behave as most men think), you dont have to talk with a lisp and shake hands like a vicar. You just have to reclaim what women stole, realise the comfort, walk in confidence and when somebody says something negative and unflattering just offer to gouge out their eyes.

Its about time.

Oh, and if anyone missed “The Boy Who Wore A Dress” by David Walliams on the telly box what isnt really a box anymore, you should go and find it and watch it. Its mind changing.

Listen, we should all be encouraging each other to be who we are truly are and to express that in a way that doesnt hurt anyone else. Im at a stage now where I loathe trousers….. but of course sometimes one has to wear them. Thats tonight. With mum, in a restaurant.

But hey ho…………..(a touch of the Larry Graysons there, sorry, not a good reference for this as he had a drag act when he was younger).

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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