just wondering about new year resolutions…………..whether to bother this year. I stopped resolving to do things many years ago but maybe this year I should resolve to be more motivated in certain endeavours. Maybe its motivation thats lacking in my life and is therefore holding me back. I tend to blame lack of money, but perhaps thats just a convenient excuse. Maybe I just lack motivation, or confidence , and thats the real reason my art is not taking off the way I think it should. Or maybe Im just delusional regarding the quality of my art. And maybe that last statement proves my first statement. OK, so I resolve to be more pro-active in my art marketing this coming year.

Im certainly having a holiday this year. Thats a resolution. And I must fix some things on my car. And do something about the plaster coming off the outside wall and…………….wait for it……………hold it, get ready………….be more open about the skirt. There. Said it. But can I do it? Time will tell. And maybe this coming year will see me having to wear stronger compression leggings or tights, maybe even medical strength. I pretty much know I wont beat it, but I can keep it at bay for as long as possible. So I resolve to not give up on it.

Hmm, seems like Im making more resolutions than I intended. Well, thats not a bad thing…….it shows Im becoming motivated !

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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