2014; non-bifurcation. art

Ok so its not my idea, to comment on the passing year, its MandyMacs, but its a good un, so ere we go………….

It started on January 01.

And then it gets more than a little fuzzy in chronological terms. In fact in other terms too as Im not sure if any of these things happened the previous year or not.

So I know I didnt have a holiday , pretty sure that was the previous year. SHE vetoed it with her negative views about the dog………what about the dog? who can have the dog? etc….so no, we didnt have a holiday. We didnt even have a day at the seaside. No, wait, we did have some time on the coast. I had a solo show in a proper art gallery. We took it up, left it with the gallery, and drove into Kingston-upon-Hull, mostly known as Hull, although thats the river not the town , which makes it a bit surreal, where we stayed the night in a hotel next to the harbour. It was very windy and eventually we had a storm…..and I only had my leggings. Nobody mentioned them.

Oh, yes, this year was the year I started wearing leggings in earnest, almost all the time, in my daily battle against water retention (as good an excuse as any, hehe). It was also the year I took my accounts into my accountants office dressed as Supergirl as she challenged me to do. Red skater skirt, blue nylons, blue leotard with homemade logo attached (my tag, not the famous S), blonde wig, lippy, foundation, powder, eyeshadow………..wow………….felt rather good.

So this year , with a solo art show, paintings in open exhibitions, invitations to show with a group for mental health week, work in the BBC foyer, Leicester, the year actually became the year of the skirt.

It was also the year of fighting baldness. Which is linked to meeting Mar……Amanda, or Herbie as my diary references, or MandyMac as often seen on Facebook. This meeting has possibly been the most important of my life, but of course, history will attest to it or not eventually. I mean , really, perhaps one should say that meeting the woman you marry is the most important……maybe……….

The shampoo started to work. Amanda had by then  had a legal name change and was wearing skirts and dresses full time in the desire to be the woman betrayed by the male body. Then it started to not work. Now Im taking the really dangerous route of oral herbal remedy, packed with such things as oestregens. There is a small possibility of breast development, but what the heck………however, im not sure its working. It could be that the follicles have actually died and nothing can be done, I mean , it isnt Easter is it.

Somewhere amongst all that I started wearing a skirt. The first time, in public, without attempting to look like a woman, was going to work at Leicester College as a life model……nobody said anything. I got emboldened. I now wear a skirt to the college everytime I work there. Also nobody in the city, in the cathedral, in the Peace Cafe, says anything. So thats it then. Men in skirts is quite normal, which it is.

What else? Hmm…………cant think of anything else of importance in the year about to depart. It just seems to be art and skirts!!

So, this coming year……………resolutions? Dont normally do them, really. but this year Im resolved to wearing skirts more often, manly skirts, and to get SHE used to seeing me in them and not freaking out. Im resolved to making much more art, spending more time in the studio, and taking a more professional attitude to marketing my work.

And thats about all there is to say. Not as much as i thought. A bit disappointing really. I could have said a lot more. I mean, Ive made contact with some very interesting people on Facebook, but have only met a couple of them. I would hope to meet more of them next year, and to increase contact with some of those Ive already met, but thats all in the lap of the gods.

So what else is there to say?


yep, thats a good thing to say.

Love all , hurt none, and walk in soft shoes.

Isi Tart


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