Quarter past eight

So, having ended the year quite nicely, thank you, I was looking forward to a pleasant start to this new year. Hmm…….a woman verbally abused me in the cab…………and a man got a little unpleasant with me on FB regarding men in skirts………….not going to go into it, but its all so unnecessary. Im now not leaving comments other than clicking on the thumbs up thingy on that particular FB page, and Im not taking any nonsense from cab customers. The boss (not sure how he is my boss as Im self employed) says we should not argue with customers but I see posters in post offices and notices on ambulances and signs in hospitals explaining that will take no truck with abusive clients/patients. Why should cabbies be any diferent? It will possible lead to something unpleasant one day, and wearing tights in the cab might be said to encourage something unpalatable occuring (although most just ignore, thankfully), but there it is. Beware, lol !

Being aware is something an artist needs to develop, especially the portraitist and this was ably demonstrated by the winner of Sky TV Portrait Artist of the Year. This lunchtime (thats how busy I was today) I watched the final episode where the winner, Christian Hook from Gibralter, completed a commission for the Scottish National Gallery of a painting of Alan Cummings. He is so aware of his work, of his sitter (and not just his facial features), and of how he wants the final piece to look. It was an amazing artwork and now, of course, I have to find a reason to go up to Scotland and see this in the flesh ( of which there is rather a lot on display of the actor) .   http://www.sky.com/tv/show/portrait/video/painting-alan-cumming

Im inspired now. My painting is so important. The last two paintings are religious and may be entered into the liecester open, and then if nobody buys them I may offer them to any church brave enough to want them. Watch this space.

And now, as Bugs used to say, ” Thats all folks !”

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes”

Isi Tart    2015


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