2015 + 6

I started an experiment today. It went quite well , but , if Im honest, really not well enough. I decided to not make any comments on FB today and, well, very almost made it. I didnt say my usual positive good mornings………..and nobody appears to have noticed…………….I didnt add to a thread even though I was itching to, and even though it was my thread ( I honestly cant recall if I put it up yesterday or today)……and nobody appears to have noticed.I so needed to tell Liz to hold her head up regarding her blog on MYSEXIA, but I couldnt. I so wanted to say something witty about Amy’s photo, but I didnt. I did accept a friend request, but Im not counting that as only me and the other person could possibly notice. I still havent made a status update, or added to a thread, and Im feeling kinda strong because of that. However, I have still been looking at FB on my phone through the day, but in my defence its been such a slow, quiet, boring, day in the taxi. The experiment was to see if I could leave FB alone for a day. In that respect it was a failure, but it was quite close. It was a step in a direction. The downside is this……………..NOBODY NOTICED !!!

Tomorrow will be a cinch as Im modeling all day (apart from that vacant three hours in the middle) and its hard to hide a mobile phone about your person when you are naked, hahahaha. So maybe I wont count tomorrow…………or maybe I will…………..but who will notice anyway ?

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart



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