2015 + 8; Heart, Art.

Yesterday my wife, the other half of my sky, was so very ill I was tempted to call for an ambulance. She never moved from the same spot all day. I wondered if I was panicking due to the new knowledge we have of her health, i.e., narrowing of the arteries and a dicky valve in the beating thing and, as son number two was also at home due to feeling really grotty, I decided to leave it. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Anyway, today she was a lot better. Well enough to go into town with me to do the banking and buy a couple of things she wanted, such as greens, and oranges. Now though, at 6.30 pm, she is slowing down and experiencing some pain again in her muscles and bones. Again, knowing all of the other things she also has going against her one is tempted to say its this, or that, or a combination of both. Again, a little knowledge…………her answer has always been to work it off………I once cracked ribs and she still insisted I went off to work claiming it would be better once I got going. Needless to say she was absolutely 100% in error ! But she does apply that to herself and tries to work things off. We will tell her to stop and sit down, but she never does what she is told. So when, like yesterday, she simply doesnt move and has the complexion of a milk bottle containing curdled milk, its not hard to imagine the worst.

I should end it there. It was a good place to end. A nice piece of script. But I should say I went for a short cycle ride this afternoon and wound up in the studio, did some more work on the latest painting (part of a cycle of religious paintings Ive embarked on) called something along the lines of Mary Magdalene; For Party Bookings.

Now I can end.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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