What do you say to……….

DSC_0371[1]……………a man wearing a skirt? This is the question I posed on my other fb page, the one dedicated to non artists/family. It was the second question. The first question was “What do you say to a man wearing a kilt?”. This question was answered by my second cousin Sarah, although I only have one cousin called Sarah…………..although having said that her brother, my second cousin James, although I dont have another cousin called James, is currently partnered to a nice young lady called Sarah, so it could be said I might have two cousins called Sarah…………actually they are both called Sarah Louise, what are the chances? But back to the plot……………….she answered that she would ask him if it were not a tad chilly up there, which is sadly Scottish stereotypical. I asked her if she would say the same thing to a woman wearing a kilt and she said that she would assume the woman would be wearing wooly tights and therefore would not be chilly!! Hmm, my next response was to ask her what she would say to a man, not necessarily a scotsman, wearing a kilt and sensible wooly tights……………she has so far not replied. I think I might have either confused her, troubled her, or just pissed her off. I will let you know as soon as I know.

In the question of the first question here, which was the second question on the fb page, i received ” good for him for breaking the gender barrier” from a female artist from my uni days (and who knows and has met me whilst Im wearing a skirt (three times now I think) ) and from a male artist I know from KLA “och aye the noo” , and mentioning how clever he was turning the transvestite overtones to the Scottish national dress.

So, Im not any the wiser really, as a male and a female both kinda laughed or mocked, but another female applauded the man wearing a non bifurcated garment.

Im wondering if Im mentioning this too much now, in a certain herbalists manner, but the thing is, Im almost permanently wearing lycra leggings (or as my other half says, tights), and almost feel sick at the thought of having to wear trousers. Its bad enough having to wear shorts in the taxi. I can see the day coming when im in a kilt in the cab because i just dont care about people seeing me in the leggings. 99% dont mention them or even acknowledge them, so Im guessing a kilt would elicit the same non-noticing effect.

Unless there is a law that only Scotsmen can be kilted that I dont know of? No? No, thought not.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


2 thoughts on “What do you say to……….

  1. go for it Steve! If not with a skirt, then wear a kilt. You’re not required to show proof of Scottish blood

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