Alternative. Imagine. Bang. Reverse Imagine.

I just wrote a reply to a fellow blogger concerning The Word……….that sounds religious, and it can be and in this case it did allude to it, a bit, sort of. She said the bible started with a word and the biblical history of the world started with The Word, which made me think of Hinduism (I think thats the right one) where it states somewhere that all is illusion, nothing is real. Much like a Holodeck on Enterprise, or Voyager, for that matter (but not the original Enterprise, the one they made after the first one we saw, which is a bit disconcerting when you think about it too much……… dont think about it too much as its not really what im talking about except in the sense that it might be…………..its just lights pretending to be solid and because the characters believe it then so it is. So it probably was with The Word. This invisible Intelligence one day , before days were invented, said Let there be light, and there was light……..just like the Holodeck…………..and because he/she/it/them/us believed what was imagined in the lights, and even the lights themselves because they couldnt have been there until they were imagined, the thoughts became real. Real to him/her/it/them/us, that is. Im wondering if that, and I said as much in the reply I wrote to her (Lizardyoga, in case your interested), became known as the bigbang………….its an alternative theory to the two theories of creation, although of course its closer to one than the other.

Next is an alternative view to clothing ;

uniclothing, why not?

uniclothing, why not?

once upon a time we all wore very similar clothing but then we imagined that we should be dressing diferently because we imagined we were so very diferent and so, because we imagined it, it was made so (much like Picard saying, “make it so”)(it was him, wasnt it, or have I imagined that?).

This being the case, Ive started to imagine the reverse…………..and its slowly happening. Imagine that, reversed imagination ! now theres an idea…………..

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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