all my troubles seemed so far away……….not actually true as troubles tend to follow you around until you confront them. Its no good burying them away into your psyche as it will eventually eat its way out. Of course , sometimes, its a matter of timing. Take me , for instance………….and Im pretty sure my wife would thank you for taking me  (the old jokes are the best…….except when theyre not))……..all my life Ive been plagued…….yes plagued………with this jealousy of women. Ive been mistaken about the why’s and wherefore’s most of the time. Ive thought maybe I should be a woman, then this would go away. It would be allowed. But that was wrong, that was very wrong. Now, and this is something to do with meeting a certain someone and the way that society is now. Now i realise what this is all about and that if I had been born Scottish there would be so few problems. But then I would probably have made some other problems in lieu. But it seems that while this generation has a lot to thank my paternal grandmother for, I, in turn, have a lot to thank this generation for. So I thank them. Thanks. And thanks to the certain person I met, via FB as it happens, for unknowingly lifting the shades from my “eyes”.  Now to convince the closest to me.2012-12-11 12.35.04this image is a hint. Stop me if Ive said this before.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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